Tuesday, January 24, 2012

then the Time, stopped.

And I woke up
The blanket of stars were eminent.
As if I could see EVERYTHING.
All the connections. One energy from another. One thought to another. One soul to another.

I understood the meaning of Eternal.

I was falling inside of me.
And I realized by standing still how blind I have been.
How dead I was.

I was mesmerized..first time in my life I had no thought in my mind.
No emotion.
No feeling.
I was at peace.

I could feel my breath. I could hear my heartbeat. I could see what sketches in my hand meant. I could actually SEE.
Even my grey matter. My void. Was accepted here.
Every part of me belonged here.
I, belonged here.

But I wasn't alone. I could feel it.
I could feel the whole world. But there was more, there was something more i could hear!
It wasn't a voice, it was like a thought. Coming from inside of me. To listen, I closed my eyes for the last time.

"Listen to the sound of quietness..dance to its tune..
Feel the rhythm, let your instinct take over..let your mind do what it was meant to do..open the doors..

Empty ur cup
Free your mind
Accept this infinite knowledge

Start believing. Start breathing. Start hearing. Start feeling Start looking.
Start setting ur mind free.

Touch ur purpose.

That is the only thing that is yours..
Truly yours.

Embrace it. And now,



Hreedesh Dhiraj said...


nothingprofound said...

What a wonderful and enlightening experience! A true awakening to reality.

'ol dat jazz.. said...


amy said...
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amy said...
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amy said...
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amy said...

nyc 1 ...d wordings wre vry touchy

garima shukla said...

good one..like the details..n the flow.

Rahul Bhatli said...

thanks everyone :)

Eon Heath said...

Hey, Hi

some places, some times jsut make you feel complete...you discover a part of yourself that you seldom feel...

i could so relate to this feeling you describe here...

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Aishwarya Dua said...

amazing :)

Rahul Bhatli said...


Glad you could relate to it :)



Narendra Sarkar said...

Khub Soondor! Thank u for letting us in to your perspective. :)

Anonymous said...

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Rahul Bhatli said...

^True that, you bloddy spam bot!

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